1. We treat each of our clients equally, regardless of their sex, ethnicity, religious affiliation, social status, sexual orientation, education and/or health.
  2. We hold our talks and meetings respecting the personality and situation of the client and behave properly and politely, regardless of the circumstances.
  3. During our conversations and meetings with our clients, we represent our Company and protect the good image and reputation of each particular partner.
  4. We don't take any action that my harm our clients' and their families' dignity.
  5. We don't use offensive language towards our clients, we don't make threats.
  6. We act professionally when dealing with our clients; we use vocabulary that is inherent to ACID.
  7. When talking to third parties, we don't reveal any personal data relating to the Company and/or its clients.
  8. These ethics standards are valid for all outgoing and incoming phone calls, client meetings and in all business and out-of-office situations related to the debt collection process within the Company.