Agency for Control of Outstanding Debts operates in the field of overdue debt recovery.

The company’s goal is to consolidate all activities permitted by Bulgarian legislation and related to debt recovery from natural and legal persons in arrears of varying periods.

The mission of the company is geared towards abiding by moral and ethical standards in carrying out activities of negotiations and conclusion of agreements with our partners’ clients who have financial difficulties or are temporarily insolvent.

In recent years, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner of financial institutions, utility companies, and other legal entities, offering quality, speed, and adequate solutions. The strict guidelines which we have adopted for communication with our partners’ clients have allowed us to place the company at a level which is above the general standard in the debt recovery sector, as well as to gain the respect of the people we communicate with on a daily basis.


Agency for Control of Outstanding Debts OOD was established in 2012. The company is a successor of Recovery Services Ltd., which dates back to 2008. Agency for Control of Outstanding Debts operates in the field of overdue debt recovery.

After the restructuring, we added new services for our clients and we have adopted the current ethical standards which are widely used in most socially responsible companies.

During September 2018, our company's business grew, and the same stepped into another market. Our company in Romania retains its name and the same is called the Agency for control of outstanding debts S.R.L, with headquarters and seat in Bucharest, sector 5, Boulevard Tudor Vladimirescu 22, The Green Gate office building, office 526, register 02, floor 5. The management team is also preserved and the two managers of the Company - Mr. Nedelcho Spassov and Mrs. Ivelina Kavurska will manage and represent the Company in Romania.

Its main activity and mission is to develop opportunities for a more accessible market in the field of debt recovery in neighbouring Romania, and all good practices created and operating in Bulgaria will be preserved. Of course, the same will be in line with the economic context and peculiarities of the local business model. We believe that this will be the first step towards a stable network of corporate offices across Europe and why not globally!


Agency for Control of Outstanding Debts OOD is a socially responsible company which supports charitable initiatives of its partners and contractors. We will be happy to help if you wish to organize a charitable initiative which targets disadvantaged children or is aimed at promoting their social integration, as well as initiatives that help save lives – do not hesitate to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In 2011, we took part in the 'Let’s make Bulgaria a better place to live because together we can achieve more’ initiative, organized by 3T Supplies and Business Park Sofia. Our help reached the St. Ivan Rilski Home for Children Deprived of Parental Care (HCDPC) in the village of Razliv, as well as the HCDPC in the village of Draganovo, and the St. Nikolay Orphanage at the Holy Trinity Monastery in the village of Novi Han.

National Phone Nr. 0700 200 27 / without extra charges /

Friendly Asked Questions

Preliminary research is part of the process of financial flows management and is especially important for a company’s liquidity. Research models vary, but, on the basis of one of them, you will be able to determine the amount of goods and services you provide to your clients and partners. Research itself is only part of the process. Even though they may be honest towards other contractors, it is highly likely that your clients will be dishonest to you if you do not have an excellent system for issuing and receiving documents in the company, as well as contracts, which anticipate all situations that may arise. Having met these conditions, you will be respected and the likelihood of overdue obligations will be minimized. We can help you with professional advice at each stage of the process.

You could make the accounting department, the financial director or the sales representatives responsible for the collection of overdue obligations. Always keep in mind that their responsibilities are different and you pay them for something else. The addition of an unfamiliar process will damage the quality of their performance in their main responsibilities. It should be noted that your employees know your clients, and personal relationships and sympathy may inevitably arise. Having burdened them with uncharacteristic functions, you could lose a client who is in a difficult financial position in the short term, and in cases of unprofessional attitude, the said client would no longer choose your services, instead making turning to company’s competitors.

We are debt recovery professionals because we deal with this on a daily basis and we are aware of the best practices and strategies. By transferring your receivables to us, you will increase the efficiency of the other positions in your company. We are an intermediary between you and your debtors, and our main objective is to maintain the image of your company and ensure payments of overdue receivables.

In this case, we will train you or your employee in the main principles of debt recovery, as well as some techniques and methods for conducting negotiations, which you may use when your debtors are companies or individuals who are close to you and there is a strong personal element and a long history. In this way, you can be sure that the remaining part of the debt is safe.

Before we start working on your cases, we sign a contract and a confidentiality agreement. The company is registered as a personal data controller with a certificate No. 367489, issued by the Commission for personal data protection. As a personal data controller, the company abides by the regulations of the Law for protection of personal data and is subject to regulation by the Commission for personal data protection, which guarantees the comfort and security of our partners and clients when they entrust us the processing of the personal data of liable persons.

There are many debt recovery companies in the market but only a few of them have an impeccable reputation. This reputation guarantees that there will be no adverse legal consequences for you due to actions we pursue in relation to your debtors. We strictly follow the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. The contract we sign gives a precise framework to our relationship and the actions you allow us to pursue; what is more, any future action will only go ahead after your approval. We have been in the debt recovery sector for 6 years, and some of the largest financial institutions and utility companies have trusted us, which puts us at the top of the list of reliable companies in this sector.

All documents that certify the claim and/or the contractual relationship with your counterparty. We will review the documents and will give you free feedback on the status of your claim.

The methods employed by the company are in full compliance with Bulgarian legislation and endorse the so called soft approach to debt recovery. The approach involves phone calls, information letters, invitations (reminders, notifications of actions, notifications about results), SMS messages, emails, and the latest methods relying on social networks. Our collectors are professionals in what they do, which is evident from the high performance they achieve. The employees of Agency for Control of Outstanding Debts successfully adapt to the specificities of the various types of claims in view of the company experience and the wide range of clients.

According to Bulgarian legislation, any economic activity not prohibited by law is permitted. We are an economic entity like any other. You can check the ownership of the company, its history, annual financial statements, etc. in the business register. The legislation stipulates the right of every creditor to pursue his/her claim in the Obligations and Contracts Act and the Code of Civil Procedure. As a company which performs debt recovery activities, we provide you with this service. Therefore, you can be sure that the service we offer is legal.


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  • Varna, bul. "Vladislav Varnenchik" 55, et. 4, Office 3
  • Romania, Bucharest, sector 5, Boulevard Tudor Vladimirescu 22, The Green Gate office building, office 526, register 02, fl. 5
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