A good team is always at the core of any successful business. The Agency for Control of Outstanding Debts (ACOD) has more than 60 employees working in five offices on the territory of Bulgaria and one office in Romania. The company is headquartered in Sofia and has offices in Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, and Veliko Tarnovo.

The main focus of the company is the so-called "soft collection" implemented through an increasing number of employees working in a call center.

ACOD's success is also secured by its strong legal department. Over 30 lawyers operate on the territory of Bulgaria, communicating with local courts and an established network of bailiffs. The company's operations are also supported by its administrative staff and professional analytical team.

ACOD's employees successfully adapt to the specifics of various debts depending on the experience and versatility of the company's business partners. The high level of professionalism is supported by the ethical standards applied when communicating with our clients. They ensure the preservation of the creditor's image and do not harm the client's dignity in a bid to keep the existing contact with them in the future, since for ACOD indebted individuals are not debtors, they are partners.

  • Offices 6
  • Management Team 11
  • Jurisconsults in Offices 30
  • Administrative staff 8
  • Call Center 12
  • Total 61
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