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Our Services

  • Purchase of Receivables

    Ensure quick liquidity of your receivables for your new ways.
  • Debt Recovery

    Agency for control of outstanding debts OOD is the best decision for collection of your debts, because we guarantee your understanding image.
  • Management of Recurring Payments

    Households as major users of consumer loans, utilities and mobile services often finance running costs by not paying its obligations on time or defer them for a long period.
  • Management of Credit Resources

    In a situation of unstable economic environment on a global and national scale and limited access to credit resources for economic agents often resorted to deferring payments to partners.

Friendly Asked Questions

Preliminary research is part of the process of financial flows management and is especially important for a company’s liquidity. Research models vary, but, on the basis of one of them, you will be able to determine the amount of goods and services you provide to your clients and partners. Research itself is only part of the process. Even though they may be honest towards other contractors, it is highly likely that your clients will be dishonest to you if you do not have an excellent system for issuing and receiving documents in the company, as well as contracts, which anticipate all situations that may arise. Having met these conditions, you will be respected and the likelihood of overdue obligations will be minimized. We can help you with professional advice at each stage of the process.

You could make the accounting department, the financial director or the sales representatives responsible for the collection of overdue obligations. Always keep in mind that their responsibilities are different and you pay them for something else. The addition of an unfamiliar process will damage the quality of their performance in their main responsibilities. It should be noted that your employees know your clients, and personal relationships and sympathy may inevitably arise. Having burdened them with uncharacteristic functions, you could lose a client who is in a difficult financial position in the short term, and in cases of unprofessional attitude, the said client would no longer choose your services, instead making turning to company’s competitors.

We are debt recovery professionals because we deal with this on a daily basis and we are aware of the best practices and strategies. By transferring your receivables to us, you will increase the efficiency of the other positions in your company. We are an intermediary between you and your debtors, and our main objective is to maintain the image of your company and ensure payments of overdue receivables.

In this case, we will train you or your employee in the main principles of debt recovery, as well as some techniques and methods for conducting negotiations, which you may use when your debtors are companies or individuals who are close to you and there is a strong personal element and a long history. In this way, you can be sure that the remaining part of the debt is safe.

Before we start working on your cases, we sign a contract and a confidentiality agreement. The company is registered as a personal data controller with a certificate No. 367489, issued by the Commission for personal data protection. As a personal data controller, the company abides by the regulations of the Law for protection of personal data and is subject to regulation by the Commission for personal data protection, which guarantees the comfort and security of our partners and clients when they entrust us the processing of the personal data of liable persons.


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